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Superdownloads Spiderman 

Name: Ubbi Superdownloads

Purpose: Indexing and maintenance


Email: bots at for more info about the robot.

Updated: Feb. 2008

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Standard Edition! Professional Edition

Advanced Robots.txt Generator Standard offers complete control of more than 400 robots and crawlers within minutes.

Targeting the basic level user who needs to create easily robots.txt files for his websites Advanced Robots.txt Generator Standard is available for just $9 and comes with full documentation and customer support.

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register robots.txt generator
register robots.txt generator

Advanced Robots.txt Generator Professional is an advanced tool supporting close to 2000 robots and crawlers and allows for use in dynamic (PHP, ASP etc.) websites.

The Professional edition is available for $19, offers weekly updates of the most current robots and crawlers and naturally comes with free documentation and customer support

Get the Pro edition at the price of the Standard by registering at CSS Planet for free!

See complete features list

register robots.txt generator
register robots.txt generator


It couldn't be simpler!

Creating robots.txt files with Advanced Robots.txt Generator couldn't be simpler. It is just a matter of three steps:

  1. Select robots/crawlers from the list of 300 robots.
  2. Select the files / directories of your website.
  3. Compile robots.txt - and upload automatically to your webserver.

Download Advanced Robots.txt Generator and try it now!

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